Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Updates & Links & Bonus Posts

For the week of May 24th, begin your essay #3 draft. See the guidelines below and the example from class. If you're doing option one, you'd want to start by editing your interview Terkel-style.
Try posting your first paragraph: see if you can succeed in catching your reader's attention and bringing them into your topic.

Here's is a source that might be useful:

Here, here, and here are three parts of a question and answer with Joshua Freeman, a historian (and CUNY professor!) about working class history in New York.

And now, some bonus posts:

Schlosser's article "The Most Dangerous Job" ends with Kenny's story. What did you make of Kenny's attitude towards his job and the company he works for? How does it compare to your experience and that of people you know?

Here is an article about how enforcement of imimgration laws have changed things since Schlosser's article. Notice the testimonials along the side. Describe how you would follow up on Schlosser's article if you were writing it now. How do you think current anti-immigrant laws and sentiments will affect coditions for workers?

Here is a long interview with Studs Terkel - thanks to Mwani for the link! Share your responses!


  1. I was thinking to do the bonus post since it's not so late, but i can not guarantee in which state i show up tomorrow for class after schlosser's "The Most Dangerous Job" for a bed-time story.. This article makes me want to go vegetarian!

  2. Hi professor I posted up my second essay and what wondering what room was your office again and you will be there on Friday from 10-12 you said right?

  3. Hi Ed - Yes, I'll be in at 10 tomorrow. Would you like feedback on your essay or do you want to turn this version in for a grade?

  4. Hi, i know i was not really on this much but i do need a little of participation credit. So here is the first paragraph of my last essay.

    Social class is the arrangement of society into groups through their position in the economic system. It has become the way of indicating how much wealth and income is in the hands of an individual. Class is one of the most discussed topics in between sociologists, even though there are controversies over the theory of class, there is general agreement on the characteristics of the classes between sociologists. Sociologists generally view social classes as existing hierarchically, with those at the top enjoying certain advantages over the rest. Indeed the question that comes to mind is how important the topic of social class? Is there a point of view specific to social class? Well, Sociologists argue this matter some agreeing and suggesting that your social class does affect the norms and values you possess. Depending on whether you are born into a
    privileged class location or a working class network provides different material resources. These will directly and indirectly shape their ideas on beliefs and values. So indeed our lives are greatly influenced by the social class that we belong to. While social class gives us a certain identity, at the very same time it motivates us to achieve more in order to belong to a better class then the one we already reside in.

  5. Hi Shadyboi - Thanks for your post. To give you feedback, I need a better sense of your topic and sources - what you have posted is well written but very general - you're defining things rather than exploring them. What is your question, and what are your sources (both course texts and outside texts)?

  6. is it possible if we can send you essay #3 by email or post the final draft on the blog?