Sunday, April 25, 2010

Announcements and Links!

Looking for scholarships? Did you know that you can apply online for scholarships from the CUNY foundation, and that international students are eligible to apply? Go to the foundation website
to apply.

What can be done to address some of the issues of discrimination and inequality we've been discussing?

Next Monday LaGuardia will be having a day-long event about community organizing: what people do to make change about the issues that are affecting them day to day. Here is the schedule. If you can attend any of the events, post your thoughts for extra credit.

One of the issues touched on will be the DREAM act - one proposal to credit more equity in education. Learn more about it here.


  1. Hi professor, I'm sorry I missed class today but I couldn't get up this morning because I had to stay later last night at work. I was wondering if you can me know what I miss, thank you.

    Edwin Tsui

  2. Thanks a lot for this announcement! I don't know that International students can apply for this. Now i will go online and apply for it.
    Thanks a lot for this post.

  3. Hi Edwin - We began our discussion of work and gender with the "Pecking Order" section of Terkel, which we'll continue with on Wed, and we worked on our drafts. The homework is the essay, to post a paragraph from it on the blog, and to read the section of Terkel if you haven't yet.