Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post #5: Working with Interviews/Links and Bonus Posts

For the week of May 3rd, you'll visit the archives to look at some documents I've put together from the collection. There are some photos, Mayor Wagner's speech that we looked at during our visit, and the trasncripts of interviews.

Choose one of the interviews from the packet. In a blog post of at least 250 words, respond to the following questions:

- What is the interviewer trying to find out?
- How much insight do you think you get into the personality and experiences of the interviewee?
- What can you figure out about the historical context of the interviewee's experiences?
- How do the interviewee's experiences relate to the themes we've been discussing? Refer to at least one other course text.

This will be an important step in your work towards essay #3.
What can interviews do? Here are some recordings by the master, Studs Terkel.

Following up on our class discussions, here is an interview about how some are talking about standing up to the new anti-immigrant law in Arizona.

And here is a recent news story about the sex discrimination case against Wal-Mart.

For an extra credit/make up post, discuss either of these links and what the tell us about the themes we've been discussing in the comments.


  1. Hi Professor,

    I didn't understand that post interviews from the Terkel means.Sorry I should have asked in the class, but I just noticed and gt confused .Do you mean From the book or from the blog?

  2. Hi Shova - So, once you've written up your interviews from the archive, the next step is to choose a couple interviews from the book we haven't read in class together and write your response as outlined above in step 2:

    Select two interviews from Terkel that interest you. In a blog post of at least 250 words, discuss the issues that these interviews raise. What do they tell us about the factors that shape the experience of work? What questions does it lead you to? Draw connections to other course texts and to your own experiences. Then select a central research question you'd like to know more about.

    Let me know if this helps!

  3. Hi professor,

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes this will help me.

  4. hey prof. i wanted to know about the extra credit. Like were you looking for personal opinion. Because you mentioned "themes we discussed".

  5. Hi Shadyboi- Yes, it's great to talk about personal experience and opinions - you want think about connections to the linked articles and our course work. "Themes we discussed" just means the subject matter of these readings and our course. Keep in mind you also want to catch up on the required posts - the archive post, the response to Terkel and your research question. And keep in mind the extra credit goes towards your participation grade, which also includes attendance, being on time, and class participation.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmDUwlseN4M

  7. The wal-mart article is interesting, as i know as a member of mgmt we are all about equality. As a matter of fact there is a corporate policy against discrimination.