Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post 3: Class and Identity: Readers Choice

For Monday, April 12th or Tuesday, April 13th, post on one (or both) of the following topics.

1) Monday/Wednesday Class: In "Who Built the Pyramids," Mike Lefevre talks about his experiences as a steelworker. In Born Rich, a number of young people talk about being born into wealth. Talk about the connections you see between these two texts. What does being working class mean to Mike? What does being rich mean in the kids we see? What do the two texts together tell us about class in America?

Tuesday/Thursday Class: Describe Mike Lefevre's thoughts about his job, being "working class," or "a laborer." How do you think his thoughts in 1972 about class differ from what many workers feel today? (This class will watch the film next Tuesday).

2) At the beginning of his essay, "Confronting Inequality," (They Say, I Say) Paul Krugman asks "Why should we care about high and rising inequality?" What is his answer? Do you agree? How do you think inequality has affected you and the people around you?

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