Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Please note: Wednesday 8AM tutoring is currently not taking place as that time didn't seem to work for people.

Tutoring is still taking place on:

Wednesday at 1 PM (C415)
Thursday at 3:25 (C410)
Friday at 2:15 (C410)

If you would like to go to tutoring but can't make any of these times, please email Nilo at

Remember that attending tutoring will raise your parcipation grade, and is very like to improve your grade on our essays.


  1. i went wednesday morning for tutoring, but nobody was there.

  2. Hi Mahendra - I'm sorry that we miscommunicated on this: Nilo hadn't had anyone come at that time before so it was cancelled. If you want to meet that time in a future week, email him at the time above. Again, apologies for the miscommunication.

  3. I'll attend tutoring tomorrow afternoon since Ill be in school anyway.