Sunday, April 18, 2010

In-Class Work: Week of 4/19

Working with evidence:

Look at the New York Times article you read for today and especially the chart that goes with it.

With your group, based on the chart, is each one of these statements TRUE, FALSE, or is there not enough information to tell?

1) Regardless of your race or gender, graduating from high school and/or college helps your chances of getting a job.

2) The recession of '08-'09 has made it harder for all groups to find work.

3) The recession of '08-'09 has affected all groups equally.

4) As of '09 women, are doing better and making more money than men.

5) Currently in the United States blacks face higher unemployment because of differences in education, not because of discrimination in hiring.

Turning evidence into writing: Rewrite the following paragraph with a sandwich to make it make more sense:

Another way that discrimination happens as Luo says on page 1, "There is also the matter of how many jobs, especially higher-level ones, are never even posted and depend on word-of-mouth and informal networks, in many cases leaving blacks at a disadvantage." It's really not fair to have job and not even post an ad this just shows Luo's point.


  1. I read question for many times and try to get it, but I was not able to get it. we just have to write true, false or we have to explain it too. which Newyork times article should we read?

  2. Hi Mahendra -
    This is an exercise we'll be doing in class tommorow. The job is to see whether or not each of these statements is supported by the evidence from the article and the chart.

  3. I haven't handed in my final draft for essay one and I wouldn't want it to be considered late. Can I email it to you? Respond on my blog so I can be notified (I may forget).