Saturday, April 10, 2010


You may have noticed some changes to the reading schedule from our syllabus, made in accordance with the evolution of our work and your interests as a class. Here's an overview/review of where we are in the readings:

For the week of April 5th: "Who Built the Pyramids" from the preface to Working by Studs Terkel.
For the week of April 12th: "Confronting Inequality," by Paul Krugman (pages 322-340 in They Say, I Say)
For the week of April 19th: "In Job Hunt, College Degree Can't Close Racial Gap," by Michael Luo (handout) and Barack Obama, "A More Perfect Union" (pages 360-376 in They Say, I Say)
For the week of April 26th: A Pecking Order section from Working.

Chapter 1 of Ehrenreich, originally listed on your syllabus, will be an optional reading that may be useful to you in your final, researched essay in which you will use a range of primary and secondary sources.

Important Reminder: Monday/Wednesday class will meet in the archives (E238 on Wednesday, April 14th.)

A couple folks asked for a more detailed grade breakdown. Here it is:
25% participation
20% essay 1
20% essay 2
20% essay 3
15% final exam

Please note that if you revise your essays, the new grade replaces the old. Your participation grade is based on attendance (including being on time), in-class participation, and your blog posts.
If you regularly attend tutoring (at least three times), I will raise your participation grade by one letter grade.

Tutoring times are:
Wed morning (8:00) - C415
Wed afternoon (1:00) - C415
Thur (3:25) - C410
Fri (2:15) - C410


  1. thanks a lot for posting this blog. This blog helps me to know early information of everything so that i can have a look on them in free time. But the problem is that i cannot attend the tutoring class because there is another class at the same time. i go for tutoring to E-101 in free time.

  2. Hi Mahendra - Do you have classes at all the different times listed above? You can choose any of them. But if so, yes, the writing center is a good alternative - E111, I believe!

  3. I can't attend even single classes on all available time for tutoring. so i think E-111 is best for me. If i get chance then i will attend above tutoring class. Thanks a lot for your information professor Tanenbaum. see you on thursday class.